Anxiety is normal and expected in life. In fact, it can help you deal with intense circumstances that come up at home, work, school, etc. In other words, a limited degree of anxiety will help you focus your thinking and prepare you to perform better.

However, some people experience more extreme anxiety, which interferes with their ability to engage in daily life. Anxiety can become an extreme fear of everyday situations, which is experienced as a combination of thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and physical sensations. A combination of these symptoms may be experienced as a general apprehension or may represent a particular anxiety disorder.


We provide treatment for anxiety using techniques that current research indicates to be the most effective. Specifically, we use an integrative approach, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness and Acceptance Therapy. Most people experience the greatest degree of recovery when they receive CBT while also learning mindfulness and acceptance strategies.

This does not mean that other treatments, including medication, do not help. In fact, many people find that medication can provide them with some relief of symptoms. However, medication alone has a much higher rate of relapse than CBT. As such, people experiencing anxiety are likely to benefit from CBT regardless of whether they are also being prescribed medication.